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Welcome to Spokane Wine Magazine, Spokane’s only publication dedicated to exploring all things wine in the region. In 2009, I began the journey of visiting each of the local wineries. What I learned along the way is that Spokane is home to a rich wine heritage, quality producers with a value focus, and passionate entrepreneurs exploring their dreams. The stories I heard were a blend of hobbies gone wild and liquid expression of art. What started as a wine blog (www.drinknectar.com now http://www.nectarwineblog.com) grew into a passionate desire to make sure everyone knows about Spokane’s wine region. Spokane Wine Magazine is one of the results.

Spokane is currently home to 19 bonded wineries and 20 + tasting rooms. Recently, several Washington wineries opened a shared satellite tasting space downtown bringing the total number of wineries with a Spokane presence to 25. It may be a little ambitious to visit them all in one day, but a pleasant overnight stay at one of the local hotels makes for a fantastic wine weekend and a perfect staycation.

A cork district is quickly developing downtown with 10 tasting rooms including award winners Arbor Crest, Barrister and Robert Karl along with newcomers Barili Cellars, Vintage Hill, Whitestone, and Overbluff Cellars. Tasting rooms at Grande Ronde, Caterina Winery, Market Place Wine Bar and Nectar showcase an additional 12 wineries.

A quick trip to the Spokane Valley and you can enjoy Spokane’s oldest winery, Latah Creek, as well as Liberty Lake Cellars, Knipprath Cellars and Nodland Cellars. Arbor Crest, Spokane’s largest winery, offers one of the most beautiful spots to taste wine in the city, maybe even the state.

In Green Bluff, you’ll find Townshend Cellar and Spokane’s only grower making a vintage wine from grapes grown in Spokane, Trezzi Farm. North Spokane is also home to one of the state’s few sparkling wine manufacturers, Mountain Dome.

The goal of this publication is to showcase and share the stories about Spokane’s growing wine scene. This first issue highlights each winery’s story, key events, and upcoming releases. I hope you use this magazine as a resource to help you explore the region and expand your wine knowledge. Future issues will be out in September 2011, then twice yearly going forward.

To stay connected to ongoing Spokane wine news and events please bookmark http://www.spokanewinemagazine.com and visit the sponsors and advertisers in this publication. I want to offer a special thanks to the Spokane Convention and Visitors Bureau and Nosey Parker Publications for their support and vision to help make this magazine possible.

Enjoy and Drink Happy!


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3 Responses

  1. Hello and good day to you. I am a local photographer that covers a ton of food and travel in Washington. I have a huge stock of wine and food images from Spokane if you would be interested in seeing what I have.
    I know what it is like to start a publication and how much work it is to start gathering content and images. I hope it works out for you because we do need a local Wine pub.


    Ben Tobin

  2. I love this concept to cover our local vino! FYI, thousands are flocking to the North Spokane Grocery Outlet and their great deals on wine. The draw is their over the top wine steward, Lori. She really knows, her stuff, extremely friendly and social. That is what the wine experience is about, right?! I am no relation and have no vested interest. Just passing on info on what is probably one of Spokanes best kept secrets and one of Spokanes best wine stewards!

  3. Hi there! I will be marking my calendar for the Spokane uncorked event! I am working on a fundraising event – the 27th Chocolate & Champagne Gala, Feb 25, 2011 at Mirabeau Park Hotel. I would love your help in any promotions that you can offer. The crowd at this event are definite foodies and wine folk. We are also honored to have the Champagne supplied by Mountain Dome. If you have any questions, please contact me at 343-4053. Thank you!

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