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Trezzi Farm Food and Wine

One part Italian food, one part Italian wine, mix in a country hillside and a dash of vineyard, round it out with a large helping of family and love, you have Trezzi Farm Food and Wine. No other tasting room in Spokane offers food pairings such as Polenta Marinara and Caprese Pasta along with estate grown Northern Italian wine. You had me at Italian food. Davide and Stephanie Trezzi moved to Spokane in 2005 on a friend’s insisting and fell in love with the Greenbluff area. There, they bought 22 acres of land and began their new adventure.

Trezzi makes food that is simple, full of flavor, and expresses what he grew up eating. “We’re simple people, we make simple food that is full of flavor,” says Davide. After opening the catering business, the Trezzi’s (pronounced with the same ‘zz’ as pizza), planted a vineyard. A vineyard in Spokane, “what the heck was I thinking,” Davide recalls. This adventure in farming explored the planting of Italian grapes Barbera, Nebbiolo, and Dolcetto. In 2008, Davide and Stephanie finally saw the fruits of their labor as they collected their first harvest of Barbera. Recently the Trezzis planted additional acreage of Pinot Grigio and Pinot Nero (Pinot Noir). Weather permitting we should see this experiment in Spokane winegrowing produce a harvest.

Times were tough. Growing grapes in Spokane is not an easy task. The Trezzi’s battle the short growing season, unpredictable frosts not to mention the deer, birds and wind. One day a fierce wind threatened their dream of estate vineyards with gusts that knocked the canopy off the trestle. Davide was faced with the choice to leave the newly planted vines to lay windblown and useless or work to reattach the vines to ensure a future harvest. “They become almost like your children,” Stephanie said as we drank from the result of Davide’s decision to work late into the night.

Trezzi, along with winemaker Don Townshend, created 287 cases of estate grown Barbera, (the only vintage grown estate fruit in Spokane), and a Columbia Valley Sauvignon Blanc. 100% of the wines are sold out of the tasting room. In 2010 the Trezzis will begin making their own wine.

Trezzi Farm caters with their fantastic Italian menu of pasta, polenta, lasagna, meatballs, appetizers, rustic chicken and tri-tip beef. On any given day people can be seen picking up pre-packaged meals to take home. Now, there is a wine to pair with those meals. On a side note, the Trezzis have opened up their farm as a venue for weddings and private events.

Do yourself a favor and plan a trip to Greenbluff. Stop by the tasting room (the trezzis former tractor barn) and enjoy some wine and food. Before you leave, buy a bottle or two of Barbera and some lasagna, and enjoy a meal that is completely created here in Spokane.

Location: 17700 N Dunn Rd Green Bluff, 99005

Hours: Saturday-Sunday 12-6pm

Phone: 509.238.2276

Website: www.trezzifarm.com

Facebook: Search Trezzi Farm Food and Wine

This article was published in the November 2010 issue of Spokane Wine Magazine


One Response

  1. Just absolutely love this winery and the couple who run it. Whenever I’m in the area, I love to stop by and buy a bottle of wine to go with some of the great home-cooked food that’s available for take-out there. Makes me hungry (and thirsty) just thinking about it.

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