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Help Choose The Next Latah Creek Label

Ever wanted to design a wine label? Here is your chance…sort of. Latah Creek is redesigning their Monarch Red series of labels. The label will represent their new line up of premium red wines.

The Results Are In!

 Click the image to view it larger

After 96 votes through the widget 17 Facebook comments and 8 anecdotal comments here is how it broke down here at Spokane Wine Magazine.


#1 Print with white – 6 votes / 5%
#2 Print with black – 37 votes / 30%
#3 Easel (name on top) – 16 votes / 14%
#4 Circles – 53 votes / 44%
#5 Easel (name on bottom) – 9 votes / 7%

Votes in person at Latah Creek (nearly 500 votes)

#1 – 24%
#2 – 35%
#3 – 8%
#4 – 19%
#5 – 15%
Votes from SipofSpokane.com
#1 – 21%
#2 – 33%
#3 –  5%
#4 – 29%
#5 – 12%
#2 seems to be a favorite when viewing them in person. The readers here that voted were in heavy favorite of #4 (circles). Comments indicated it was more eye catching, abstract, and unique from other wine labels on the shelf. It does detract from the original artwork, but in the end, it is about selling the wine. Mike and team…good luck in making your decision.

About the art: Edward Gilmore is a Spokane, Washington artist whose abstract paintings are rich in color and imagination. Edward sees a blank canvas as a life not lived. Edward’s work has layers, stories, and reflections with vast colors and textures in which he leaves a part of him within every canvas. Mike and Ellena discovered the painting at a local showing and fell in love with the concept of it as a label. Wine, afterall, is liquid art.



13 Responses

  1. At first glance, I liked the 2nd one best. But when I opened the image to see it bigger, I liked the ones with the easels. Fun idea to share the process and not just the product!

  2. They are all beautiful! But I like #2 the best.

  3. i like #4, good contrast without being a “square” label. catches nouveau crowd but might affront traditionalists.

  4. I would pick #2.

  5. my eye kept drawing back to #4…little bit of contrast with the white curves against the black background, I guess. That’s my vote.

  6. I like the circles on 4 and how they draw the eye but the name Latah Creek appears too small on that one, The graphics take away from the brand. With such a strong graphic, the company name needs more scale so it doesn’t get lost.

  7. Definitely number 4.

  8. I really like #3!!

    (although they are all very good!!)


  9. I like #4 . the circles are an eye catcher,Real different.

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